February 1, 2009

Who The Hell Is Sarah Haskins?

I'm not quite sure what feminist blogs and this blog have in common. Could be a whole lot. Who knows? I do know you won't see arguments about how many R's should be used in Riot Grrrl in this blog. But a person who has been getting a lot of attention from these womanly sites and online magazines is Sarah Haskins. And rightly so. My GF was way ahead of the trend on this one and told me "you really have to see this." I'm glad she did. Who is Sarah Haskins you ask? Well read on kiddos!
I don't know who Sarah Haskins really is, you know, on the inside. But I do know she is I-have-just-metaphorically-shit-my-pants-funny. She is a comedian (Not an Olympian and not this kind of comedian) who, on Current TV, has a segment for infoMania called Target Women. She rips into the stereotypes and ridiculousness imposed by our popular culture on women (I can totally relate). And she is really good at it. Like, scary good. She delivers her cutting commentary with a nonchalant and easy as Sunday morning delivery. She's kinda like that friend who you hang out and sarcastically make fun of TV with (Except I get tired of those kind of friends because, seriously, do they ever stop complaining?). Just after a couple of her segments hit the Internet she became the talk of the estrogen fueled town, and beyond. There were girl crushes and the international press were even getting into the act. Fans started petitioning for her to get a gig on The Daily Show.
Why am I writing about her? I want to help because she is not a recognizable name, yet. And she should be. People know who Ann "I will not hesitate killing you and your children" Coulter is. It's about time that "Joe Six Pack" and "Jane Box of Wine" get introduced to Sarah "motherfucking" Haskins. One day I want to go back to my parents house and have my mom say, "Oh I saw this funny girl on TV last night. I think her name was Sarah...something. Now she's funny. Not like you." For this to happen, America, I need your help. Because my mom doesn't know I have a blog. So she has to find out some other way, like through basic cable.

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