February 11, 2009

Movie Poster Review: 17 Again

I just don't understand the world anymore. What is going on around here? I originally saw this poster and thought, "Is this a remake? Is it a sequel? It has to be connected somehow."(Refer to the Madea and Ernest Go To Jail post). But I looked and I looked and I found no connection... and that really weirded me out. Let's start with the review and then get back to my confusion.

17 Again looks like a Zac "I'm too cool for 'k's' or 'h's'" Efron star vehicle. The poster definitely supports that, he's the only thing on it, never mind that Matthew Perry and Leslie Mann are in the movie. Anyway, It's about a guy being transformed back into a teenager again for a second chance at his wild teenage days, when he was on top of the world. I don't have anything to say about Zac. The Tweens seem to like him. Tweens and and me have very little in common besides self-esteem issues. But when I saw this poster another movie immediately came to my mind. Not Big or 13 Going On 30 . But a movie from way before the word Tween came into our vernacular... This movie:
Remember 18 Again! ? The only difference between the titles is a number and an exclamation point. I thought, "Does Zac walk around doing a Matthew Perry imitation the whole movie like this kid did of George Burns?" But it turns out these movies have nothing in common except for creepy old guys indirectly hitting on teenage girls.

It's like if a new movie about a mother and a daughter switching bodies came out called Twisted Tuesday. Why would anybody think it has anything to do with Freaky Friday? I mean, that's just plain silly.

So why, oh why do I feel like the only person on this ragtag Internet that has made this connection? Across my fact finding journey on these two movies I found some ridiculous postings. Nobody talks about 18 Again! at all. I don't like to call other bloggers I don't know names but this guy is a moron. Here's a taste of what "Rodney" from "The Movie Blog" wrote about 17 Again:

"And the poster is pretty good. I like the nod to Tom Hank’s Big (which this shares its main premise with) with him stepping out of the oversized business outfit with his hip teenager digs on. Did you notice one foot is still in the dress pant leg? Its still got a dress shoe on it. Very subtle and clever."

"Subtle and Clever" Seriously? Those are two words I wouldn't use to describe the poster or "Rodney." The subtitle of the blog has to be ironic. The comments are, of course, entertaining as well.

People, please please tell me. Am I wrong? Did I make some sort of unwarranted assumption in thinking the movies were connected or, at least, that is was strange the titles were so similar? Am I the crazy one?

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