February 19, 2009

Think Of The Children!

Source Paste Magazine

I'm going to play the lazy blogger on this post. And what do lazy bloggers do? They post links to other peoples blogs. Today's post has a kid theme, with some dead pets thrown in for a little zest.

Take a look at Tiny Art Director. It's adorable in a cruel, bossy sort of way.

Think you're too cool for school? You're not. But this blog is. Warning: Kids giving "the finger" or "flipping the bird" is featured on this page.

An Indie Rock Alphabet Book. It's pretty sweet! Do the kids still say sweet? I hope not, that's my word.

Cloning your dead pet is Creeeeeeeeeeepy.

I like to think that I create an eclectic blog for you people. That and I'm lazy. Really, really lazy. I'll come up with an original posting soon. I promise.

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