February 4, 2009

Movie Poster Review: He's Just Not That Into You

The movie He's Just Not That Into You has just successfully killed that phrase. I not saying it wasn't on it's way out anyway. I'm just saying this movie pulled the plug. On to the poster review!

So you managed to get a rather star studded cast for you subpar romantic comedy. What do you do? You make sure you don't feature any of them on your movie poster. Brilliant.

Oh wait, there they are! that's better...

Wow. Is that E. from Entourage? Yeah, maybe the first poster was better. I thought Ben Affleck was directing now....Aniston? ScarJo? The Mac guy? I hear he dated Drew Barrymore for a while...hey she's in this too! Oh, and she produced it as well...that explains a lot. This movie is a potpourri of Hollywood stars. H.J.N.T.I.Y. can not be any good. Plus, I can never see Jennifer Connelly in a movie anymore without conjuring up images from Requiem for a Dream.

This movie is supposed to be the successor to the Sex and the City movie or so they claim. If it truly is, this movie is going to be offensive just like the Sex and the City franchise.

I'm not reviewing the trailer here but... they make a Myspace joke. A Myspace joke? Did they mean facebook? I'm confused.

If you are still considering seeing this movie ask yourself this: Do you want to see the movie that is based on the book that is written by this guy?

Please, please do not give Greg Behrendt any more money. He's had enough, and so have we.


  1. Will you think less of me if I Netflix this? I agree it looks bad, and probably is bad, but I still kind of want to see it.

  2. No....of course not. That's what Netflix if for....