February 10, 2009

Here Are Some Links Brimming With Culture

Here's your chance to get some high brow culture people! See? A cartoon from the New Yorker means you are reading a high society blog. And down below I have provided for you easy to use links to view the fancy-pants culture you so desperately need. So, link it up and drink it up!

Careful, this one might be NSFW but Daaaaang! is a high brow blog just the same. This arty little site is so high brow, if it were a person it would wear a monocle and smoke a pipe in a fancy leather arm chair petting a Corgi on it's lap. So enjoy some art people.

Five Dials is a new literary magazine that's easy to read and has an ass-load of English lit in it. Want to feel like you're in college again? Or want to feel like you're in college right now? Read Five Dials. It has some rare finds. Very refined.

Are index cards urbane? Well, they will be if they are featured on Indexed. These index cards can buy and sell normal index cards 100 times over, they're that urbane.

Here's some dude's blog with his sketches. It has some very, uhhh, sophisticated(?) valentines to download.

Amazing Baby has a new song, 'Bayonets', to download...for free! Isn't that enlightening?

Well, I'm gad you all came over to loot my links. Stop by again sometime and we'll discuss the latest opera over some nice aged sherry.

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