April 28, 2010

A Grab Bag Of Fun! Music! Movies! Video Games! Beer!

I've been away from the Internet lately and when I got back to it I found some awesome, um, stuff to share with you all!

First off one of my favorite bands The New Pornographers have a new album, "Together", coming out and NPR has it streaming for freeeeeeeeeeeee right now. You need to listen now. It's a doubly good link because it's free!

You like a little Super Mario Bros, you say? Well Then you will like Super Mario Brothers Crossover where you can play as other famous NES characters like Link. I have always wanted to play those levels a Mega Man and now I can. Thanks Internet!

I am a big supporter of beer and beer innovations and I hope to someday see this inspired beer bottle in the alcohol isle at my local supermarket. It is so fun and beery. The cap is like the sudsy head of a beer! How Cool is that? It's really effen cool (via)

"Please import me i want to come to America"

Last but not least...

You might have already seen this viral video from Pixar promoting Toy Story 3 featuring the new character Lots O' Huggin' Bear but it's worth another look. This 80's commercial parody is so spot on I have created false memories from my childhood about actually seeing this commercial and owning one of those bears. But I didn't, right?

Oh, and they also did a Japanese version as well, because they are Pixar and they can do anything.

April 7, 2010

Trailer: Dinner For Schmucks

Steve Carell and Paul Rudd Star in the new Jay Roach film Dinner For Schmucks and here is the trailer for it. The film coming out this summer looks like it has potential to be funny. Having Zach Galifianakis in the film helps a lot in getting me in the theater.

Best dinner ever