January 25, 2009

Links: Parties, TV, Obama, Mark Trail, Superpowers and Doodles

Since I started blogging, I've been looking at other blogs to see what I could steal...I mean...uh...steal. And I came across some good ones.

Photos from other peoples parties. This blog makes you feel sorry for other people or nostalgic or both.

Taking pictures of your TV, eh? Who wants to see that?

The country is broke(n). These guys are giving Obama an estimate for repairs.

You know that comic strip in the newspaper you never read and didn't know anybody that did? This guy makes it hilarious.

Useless Superpowers. Hey I've got a useless superpower: your mom. Damn, I should have said Russia instead. Oh well. There are no second chances in the bolgosphere.

A sketchbook of illustrated thoughts
. Drawing your thoughts might be better than writing them down in a snarky blog.

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