January 20, 2009

Amazing Baby

I told you I would give you a baby, and here it is! I always, always, deliver on my promises. Amazing Baby is a band from New York that just formed last year. They released an EP that is available for a free download and they are damn good. So be ahead of the curve on this one, download the EP and be one of those people to brag about how you knew them before anybody else did and how they aren't as good as they used to be now that they have gotten so popular. Want to impress that waifish guy with the beard wearing a Grizzly Bear T-shirt at your local dive bar? Need a topic to strike up a conversation with the girl in the in the cat-eye glasses reading Art Forum at Buzz Coffee? All you have to say is "Have you heard of Amazing Baby?" You'll knock their indie-elitist socks off (They tend to wear argyle).

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