January 7, 2009

L.A. Hearts Food

So when people think of Los Angeles, good food isn't one of the first things to pop in your mind like it does with New Orleans or Chicago. Photos of actresses coming out of cars with underwear-less crotches and earthquakes probably come to mind before food does. And that's just not right. There are some great places to eat in this godforsaken city. Here are two.

Asahi Ramen

Right there in the kind confines of Sawtelle Blvd is Asahi Ramen noodle house. This is the place you go for a piping hot bowl of comforting ramen. It is tiny and cash only, like a true Ramen House. The wait staff is extremely friendly and lovable. I daydream about the ramen they serve there. This is not your 10 cent store bought ramen I am talking about here. This is Tampopo grade noodles. So on those chilly L.A. winter days, I suggest you stop in and grab a bowl. And then pick me up a little vinyl figurine from Giant Robot while you are there, as a thank you for recommending the place.


You will not, I repeat, You Will Not find better diners or coffee shops in any other city than Los Angeles. L.A. has the best and over there by Inglewood is the cream of the crop, Pann's. Inglewood might be up to no good, but Pann's is freaken' fabulous. One reason to go is the place it self. It's one of the best remaining representations of the "Googie" Style architecture that places like 101 Coffee Shop try to reproduce. But Pann's is the real deal, the place has a retro look with a homey feel. It's like eating in a coffee shop from the future, but how the 1960's pictured the future to be, not the actual future. The best reason to go, though, is the food, I mean look at this:
See? This was amazing. I would even say yummy. That hot chocolate was so good I finished it before I could take the photo. You've probably been by Pann's if you have ever gone to LAX to catch a plane. So next time, stop in. It's hella good. You won't be disappointed.

Warning- The bathrooms are kinda weird. You'll see what I mean when you go.

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