January 6, 2009

Holiday Movie Review

Yep, I was on holiday and I saw two movies, Yes Man and Bedtime Stories. I know, right? I was surprised these were the films I saw as well. So, which veteran comedic actor made the better film? Here's a hint: The worst of the two beforehand mentioned films main actor's name rhymes with banana-fanna Fim Farey.

Yes Man

Jim Carey will break your heart. Seriously, because this movie is awful. It makes you yearn for his heyday of wacky faced comedies. Except for Me Myself and Irene, that movie is atrocious. I just don't understand how Yes Man got made. Hey look! He's bungee jumping! Isn't that crazy?

Here's what the movie is about:

Jim Carey is some guy called something else other than Jim Carey. John Michael Higgins takes not-Jim to a seminar where he is told to always say yes. So not-Jim says yes to everything in the movie. Hence the title. Hilarity ensues. (I lied in that last part. There is no hilarity to be found).

Jim can still make you laugh, but not enough in this film to warrant seeing it (I go to the Arclight Goddamnit. It's 'spensive!). The plot and writing are just lazy and, well, dumb. They aren't appealing to the lowest common denominator here. Those hicks would think this was a dumb movie as well. Larry the Cable Guy he is not.

Kinda surprising is the performance of the multi-talented Zooey Deschanel. And I'm not just saying that because she is adorable (Damn that Ben Gibbard. Why couldn't you die young like a real rock'n roller?). She doesn't just "keep up" with Jim in this movie, she becomes the only reason to see it. Reminder: Don't see this film. I was just trying to make a point.

Fans of The Flight of the Conchords will be saddened to know that Rhys Darby is in the film. Danny Masterson is also in it playing Hyde from That 70's Show. I'm not sure why.

I think I have written enough about this movie. I give it a star (One star = Don't waste your time unless it's on TV, you're hungover and for some reason Die Hard isn't on).

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories staring Adam Sandler isn't half bad. Kids will love it and you will be entertained.
It's about Adam telling Bedtime stories to his niece and nephew and the stories sorta come true the next day. It doesn't tie up all the loose ends at the...uh...end. But, Who cares? It's a kids movie. Stop being such a dickweed.

Keri Russell (who is also adorable), Guy Perice, and Zena the Princess Warrior give fun and upbeat performances. Oh, and Courtney Cox shows up for a bit. I am giving Nick Swordson the Most Random Cameo In A Film Award for his part in the movie. And you don't need to ask, but I'll tell you anyway, Rob Schneider is in it (The Most Random Cameo In A Film Award is named after him. I call it the Scheider).

It's a lot more fun to write about a film you hate than a film you kinda like. Hmmm. Anyway that's all for my Holiday movie round-up!

Here, I will leave you with this performance because it makes me happy and it should make you happy as well. Damn you to hell Ben Gibbard! Damn you to hell......

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