March 30, 2009

Girl Bands, Stiff Drinks & Punch Out 2009?!?!?

What could warrant such a overuse of punctuations? The new trailer for the old-is-new-again Punch Out! for the Wii. I am linking you to this other blog that has the video because it also features a very cute dog in a plastic head cone and a girl in a leather skirt holding a gun. Punch Out is back! Featuring a disco dancer...not everything can be better in this one (Also no Mike Tyson).

Are you into the Indie music scene? Do you like girl fronted bands? Picksysticks is a blog for you. It has all your girly indie info you need. It also has fantastic concert photos. It's like I'm there!

A blog dedicated to user submitted themed monthly Cocktail parties? Make mine a double.

I've spent to much time on fail blog as of late.

P.S. Here's an oldie but a goody.

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