April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day!

It's April fools day y'all!

So for this prankiest of pranky days I give you random videos to mess with your head!

Cat Shit One: The Series. Seriously, don't make me explain this. It's Japanese... what else do you need to know? I do wonder what the title has to do with bunnies killing camels.

And here is a Star Wars/Dallas opening theme mash up. There are only a handful of people that would really get/enjoy this. This one's for you guys. For the rest of you this will make as much sense as another Cat Shit One trailer.

Here's N.A.S.A featuring Santigold, Kanye West & Lykke Li- "Gifted." Please, please do not take drugs before watching this video. Promise me.

Hope you enjoyed this special April Fool's posting. It's days like this when I realize how much I love you guys.

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