October 8, 2010

Want Some More Cake? You Don't Have A Choice.

Cake has announced a new album Showroom Of Compassion, their sixth. I guess they couldn't afford their rock n' roll lifestyle (Zing!). The album will be released (or dropped, if you like) January 11.

Hey, here is a track list!

1. Federal Funding
2. Long Time
3. Got To Move
4. What’s Now Is Now
5. Mustache Man (Wasted)
6. Teenage Pregnancy
7. Sick Of You
8. Easy to Crash
9. Bound Away
10. The Winter
11. Italian Guy

I'm ready for some more Sac-town talk-singing!
I really want to know what "Mustache Man (Wasted)" sounds like. Intriguing...

Here is their first single "Sick Of You" (I think it could use more trumpet).

Showroom Of Compassion is such a Cake album title.

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