October 20, 2010

The Scream 4 Trailer. Sorry, I meant the Scre4m Trailer

Scream is a classic horror film. It was scary, funny, smart and most of all it was fun. Scream 2 was a sequel, meaning it wasn't as good as the first. Scream 3 was not good, even Parker Posey and Patrick "Puddy" Warburton couldn't help that film. The only good thing about Scream 3 being made is that means there is already a Scream 3 so this upcoming Scream sequel won't be "Scream 3D"! Side note, stop making everything in 3D.

Now here is a trailer for Scream 4, aka Scre4m, and I can't tell if it is any good or not. But am I going to see it? You bet your ass I am. Enjoy!

Scream 4 Trailer VO
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The new rules are...there are no rules! Oh, and there will be cameras recording everything.

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