October 27, 2010

LINK Trailer aka The movie with the Killer Orangutan and Elisabeth Shue

The Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater here in Los Angeles has been showing some great long forgotten horror movies all month. Tonight is no different with a showing of Link (1986), a movie about a killer ape, with an appearance by Elisabeth Shue. It would be all kinds of great if all of you people could attend but it's a little last minute, I know. Watching the trailer for Link here is not an adequate substitute for watching the movie in the theater with Elisabeth Shue, but it is a gem in the crown of cinematic bat-shit-craziness .

Highlights include:

Orangutan pushing a van off a cliff.

Same orangutan smoking a cigar on top of a burning mansion. I'm going to write this again because it needs to be repeated. An orangutan is smoking a cigar on top of a burning mansion.

Terence Stamp.

How was this movie not nominated for an Oscar?

LINK Trailer! Killer oragangutan movie! from Hadrian Belove on Vimeo.

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