June 22, 2010

Trailers: The Green Hornet & Somewhere: or Michel Gondry Directed This? & Thank God Sofia Coppola's Back

The Green Hornet trailer has landed and it looks a little, how do you say, oh yes, cliche.  The film is directed by Michel Gondry but you wouldn't know it by watching it.  Would you conclude from this action/comedy trailer that it was directed by the same guy who did Eternal Sunshine or the Science of Sleep? I wouldn't but IMDB tells me otherwise.

And all the talk is about how the Fanboys are complaining about the casting of  Seth Rogen as the playboy/vigilante The Green Hornet. What Fanboys? Aren't the Green Hornet Fanboys just people who used to listen to it on the radio? They should be like 80 years old by now. What Octogenarian is on the Internet complaining about how Seth Rogen can't pull this off? Cameron Diaz is more of a deterrent to seeing this movie than Seth Rogen is. And here's a buried headline for you: Edward Furlong is in it. Edward Furlong! How bizarre is that? It brings a new meaning to "Team Edward."

The car is cool, how can you not like the car?....but the new Kato is no Bruce Lee. And why do all the other blogs and news services call Kato his manservant? I feel really sketchy using that word...manservant.

Another trailer was recently released and this one seems to have a little more potential, you know, in substance. 

Sofia Coppola's new movie, Somewhere, that's the title... Somewhere, looks like she is back in fighting form. In another case of interesting casting choices the main character is played by Stephen Dorff AKA the bad guy from Blade (A real vampire movie, not like all these Twilights and such). Somewhere follows the relationship of a Hollywood actor and his 11 year-old daughter. Sofia might know a little something about that, ya think? 

And, yes, the daughter is another Fanning.......

Awwwww! Hollywood Family Values...

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