July 21, 2009

Weezer: The 8-bit Album

I haven't been around lately so I'm going to ease myself back into this blog. First thing up is this link of Weezer songs performed in video game-y 8-bit style. Nerdy? Yes. Trendy? Absolutely. Enjoyable? Without a doubt. Happiness comes in the strangest forms these days. These free songs are definitely a new happy thought for me. Hope you enjoy. If you don't...you're probably reading the wrong blog.

Here is a hilarious interview/trivia game appearance by indie rock sweetheart Neko Case,(NPR link!) for those of you that don't dig Weezer. And yes...that is also Paula Poundstone you are hearing. I'd throw my ironic t-shirt at Neko if you know what I mean(I want that printed on an ironic t-shirt).

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