July 31, 2009

I Can Do Bad All By Myself: Movie Poster Review- Madea has lost his damn mind

Well I don't know what to say. Tyler Perry tries. He does. He tries really hard and he does really well for himself. But this makes no sense. What is going on here? Oh, wait...maybe the trailer will shed some light on this.

Well, that didn't help. What is he trying to reference here? How is his new movie like Straw dogs? Is this another remake like when Madea went to jail? Does Madea defend her home against a pack of hooligans? Is Perry a Peckenpah fan? Have you noticed how many question marks I have used in this short post? I am at a loss. I have never understood the Madea movie franchise and this poster has just pushed me further away from any sort of reconciliation. Can people please start a new meme of putting Madea in random famous movie posters? I would like to see that. I would do it but Photoshop is so expensive.

Question Marks =8


  1. Dustin Hoffman looks like Jamie Kennedy in that poster. X!

  2. how many blogs by skinny white guys have more than one post about madea movie posters? not enough.

  3. I thought the same thing when I was writing this.