December 11, 2008

Start Here...

1st post! Beat you to it, squares. Hey I’m Gabriel aka The Anthropomorphic Critic. The title is elitist, I know. I’m trying to be thought provoking and different for difference sake. Which is also elitist, I guess. I will be writing whenever I can about whatever I want. Mostly about all things trivial. I have a knack for it. I’ll give my shiny little opinion about books, film, music, TV…maybe art? Why not!? I’ve just realized my title might get a lot of attention from the Furry population. Of course all are welcome to read my blog, even Furries. But you will not be reading any animalistic erotic stories, or see photos of me dressed up in a sea otter costume here (You have to go to my facebook page for that). But if you need a witty observation to impress people at work/school/ cocktail party/ furry convention, you are always welcome to come here. I’m chalk full of ‘em. At least I think I am.

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