December 11, 2008

Movie Poster Review: Gran Torino

Gran Torino aka Get off My Lawn! is Clint Eastwood's newest flick. And by the look on his face, he means business.
I can't really make out what the movie is about from this poster. My guess is this:
An aging Clint Eastwood racked with senility goes on a killing rampage, shooting young minority whippersnappers with his riffle. He cruises the streets of the city in his bad-ass car, blasting the soundtrack to Paint Your Wagon. When he spots a group of good for nothing punks he yells "Get off my lawn!" or "I know you stole my pills!" and opens fire on the unsuspecting lot.
I'm pretty sure this isn't what the film is about. But wouldn't you rather see this version of Gran Torino than whatever old Dirty Harry came up with this time? The only thing this poster is missing is an orangutan.

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