July 9, 2012

Let's Call It A Comback

"Hello? Yes. Where am I?"

I have been away my dear friends and I have learned much. Like the difference between the attendees of E3 and Comic-Con (One smells like Axe Body Spray the other smells like Funyuns. Guess which one, you might be pleasantly surprised). But during my travels I have neglected my blog and for that I can never be forgiven. So I have taken the dust covers off of TAC, wiped it down, gave it a makeover and I'm sending it back into the game. I hope you are excited because I am back for good and I will be a few times a week.

Seriously though, I am very sorry I've been gone for so long. I've had a number of big life events happen (some are still going on) which has kept me away but I missed the Internet badly. So I have returned to provide you with my quirky reviews, critiques and interesting internet finds. I will be posting as fast as I can write them.

Just to give you a refresher of what you can expect here at TAC, here is a sampling of my past posts:

The New Class of Midnight Movies

Hollywood Is Running Out Of Taglines

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...

"Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out..."

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