December 8, 2010

Hollywood Is Running Out Of Taglines

Hollywood is running out of taglines. The creative well seems to be running dry when I noticed that two unreleased movies have very similar taglines. The taglines, as you will see, are simple and slightly different. But for these two soon to be widely distributed films it seem the studios didn't even try at coming up with anything resembling creative or different. Most of the time the tagline of a movie poster is laughable and forgettable but that doesn't mean they have to be.

Here look for yourself:

The tagline for Sanctum is "The only way out is down." and the tagline for Rabbit Hole is "The only way out is through." Seriously.

So, I'm guessing after the team of producers that came up with the respective taglines felt that spending 5 minutes on it was good enough and then they handed their assistants a piece of paper with "The only way through is _____" scribbled on it, then said "Send this to marketing." and took a two hour lunch.

Here are some possible better taglines for these two movies:

The only way out is in.
The only way out is pajamas.
The only way out is Lou Ferrigno.
The only way out is out.
The only way out is your mom.
The only way out is the exit on the right side of the movie screen.
The only way out is a tagline.

Please, come up with your own.

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