November 9, 2010

The Tron: Legacy Trailer Is Here

I'm going to say this right in the beginning of the post because I want to get it out of the way: The young Jeff Bridges creeps me out. Maybe he's supposed to give you the willies, I don't know. But if Disney wants the digitally reconstructed Jeff to make you uneasy, well Mickey, I got a big "Mission Accomplished" banner for you.

Crazy Heart is in your closet and wants to eat your soul

I got a second nitpick as well. They have been hyping this sequel to Tron for, like, a year now and I keep thinking that the movie has already come out. I keep having a "Tron hasn't come out yet?" moment every time a new trailer or poster is released. Seriously enough already, get this damn movie in the theater.

Anyway, those two minor irritations aside, here's my review for the new Tron: Legacy trailer:

I want to go to there.

Just watch for yourself.

Told ya.

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