September 21, 2010

The Internet is more than just porn and cats: Racial Cartography

"If I was in a indie band I think I would call it 'Porn and Cats'." -AnthroCrit

I'm a big fan of Info-graphics, extremely detailed and creative visuals to help explain and understand concepts, facts or ideas. And I also like it when I find something on the Internet that epitomizes the idealistic original intent of the World Wide Web of freely sharing ideas and information to make the world a better place. Radical Cartography falls into that category.

Racial Cartography is the mapping of cities along their racial and ethnic divides and in this case using colored dots representing the different races and ethnicity. (This blog post isn't about movies. Weird Huh?)


Chicago, New York & Los Angeles

Look up your own metropolis and you might be pleasantly surprised but probably not that surprised. ("Yep. That's where I thought all the white people lived.")

The maps kinda make me sad, but it's also pretty. So that evens out right?

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