September 22, 2010

Things That Have Been Getting Around The Web...Of course there's A Panda

Sometimes I rely on help from my friends because really, who has the time to see everything interesting, cool or funny on the interwebs? Not me. I like going out in the real world and mingling with the common people. Common people like me. So these videos come from friends of mine who were like "Stop sleeping in 'till 3pm and look at this!"

Like the main character in these commercials I'm not going to say much. Only that they make commercials way better over there than they do here. I can only hope American marketing people are watching this or I will be forced to send over a panda to their offices. (Thanks KM)

For all of you old school video game lovers out there here is an nostalgic animated short titled "8 Bits"

8BITS_hd720 from 8BCREW on Vimeo.


Here is a "1000 Ways To Die" video from Spike called "Fansicle." (Good Job NA!) I really want the phrase "Cross the levee!" to become the new pick up line.

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