May 28, 2010

My Favorite Monologues: Say Anything: Sell, Buy, Process

If there was a speech that epitomized the stereotypes attached to Generation X it is La-Lloyd Dobler's explanation of his future plans to Diane Court's father. But this monologue from Say Anything is also the voice of the idyllic youth that resides in all of us. When I first saw this movie I thought "That's what I want to do too! Except for the kick boxing thing." Lloyd, in a very ballsy move, lays his heart on the table in a innocent, straightforward way that we all wish we could sometimes do. I have quoted it ever since.

Hey, remember Ione Skye? Pretty hot nerd.

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  1. One of my all time favorites! I couldn't agree more. To this day I revert back to this speech as a moral barometer to guide me in my eclectic choices in "career path". I worked as an Artist and in the arts for a long time, but even the altruism in that, I came to realize, felt just as governed by a market of selling, buying, and processing. It is truly a dilemma of morals vs survival necessities.