July 28, 2010

Movie Poster Review: Yogi Bear

A new live action Yogi Bear movie is coming your way, in 3D! Of course it's in 3D, you can't walk down the street without stepping into a pile of 3D. Now, I looked the other way when the (shiver) Marmaduke movie came out earlier this year. I didn't want to acknowledge it's existence. But I felt I couldn't let the Yogi Bear poster pass by without a review.

I am going to totally bypass the whole "What is the relationship between Yogi and Boo Boo?" thing and I'm going to ask this instead. "Why is the guy who brought sexy back the voice of Boo Boo?" Does Justin Timberlake strike you as creative casting? And to add just the right amount of creepiness, Dan Aykroyd is the voice of Yogi. I am assuming he is just following in Bill Murray's footsteps when he did the Garfield movies. I would also like to point out that this movie is live action and that they are going to be interacting with a real life Ranger Smith, played by Ed of Ed fame. If I was the head of a Hollywood studio and was given these facts there is no way in hell I would have green lit this movie.

But how could Hanna-Barbera let this happen, you ask? Well, Hanna and Barbera are both dead, respectfully. So they couldn't do much. Also, come on people, let what happen? All they did was steal Yankee great Yogi Berra's iconic name gave it to a bear that wears a tie and hat and had him talk like Art Carney from the Honeymooners. It's like if I created a cartoon about a talking bird named Albatross Pujols that wears a monocle and talks like Jaleel White playing Steve Urkle. Look who's now a famous animator! That's right, me.

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