April 28, 2010

A Grab Bag Of Fun! Music! Movies! Video Games! Beer!

I've been away from the Internet lately and when I got back to it I found some awesome, um, stuff to share with you all!

First off one of my favorite bands The New Pornographers have a new album, "Together", coming out and NPR has it streaming for freeeeeeeeeeeee right now. You need to listen now. It's a doubly good link because it's free!

You like a little Super Mario Bros, you say? Well Then you will like Super Mario Brothers Crossover where you can play as other famous NES characters like Link. I have always wanted to play those levels a Mega Man and now I can. Thanks Internet!

I am a big supporter of beer and beer innovations and I hope to someday see this inspired beer bottle in the alcohol isle at my local supermarket. It is so fun and beery. The cap is like the sudsy head of a beer! How Cool is that? It's really effen cool (via)

"Please import me i want to come to America"

Last but not least...

You might have already seen this viral video from Pixar promoting Toy Story 3 featuring the new character Lots O' Huggin' Bear but it's worth another look. This 80's commercial parody is so spot on I have created false memories from my childhood about actually seeing this commercial and owning one of those bears. But I didn't, right?

Oh, and they also did a Japanese version as well, because they are Pixar and they can do anything.

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