April 5, 2009

The Lost Tribes Of New York & A Giant Robot

This is awesome. I wanted to share it. It reminds you that we all come from the same place. Enjoy!

The Lost Tribes of New York City from Carolyn London on Vimeo.

This is one small step for man, one giant leap for... OMG! That robot will kill us all!

April 2, 2009

Upcoming Movie: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

I'm a big fan of cartoons and animated movies. I enjoy movies with talking animals or robots or monsters or inanimate objects with human like qualities, anthropomorphic qualities you might say. I do have discriminating taste though. I don't eagerly gobble up just any old tripe Hollywood decides to serve me. Dreamworks animated movies for example are rather hit or miss (mostly miss). Even their good ones, like Shrek or Kung Fu Panda suffer from mismatched aesthetic styles and voice over casting that's based on box-office-star name dropping. Unlike, say, Pixar movies that have a cohesive look and cast voice overs that best fit the characters look and personality (Except for Cliff from Cheers who they cram into every movie).

Nowadays computer animated movies seem to premiere every month (Remember when Toy Story came out? Man that looks ancient now) and all of the new movies seem to be in 3-D! (BTW If you can still see Coraline in 3-D I highly recommend you do. Just don't bring any kids, they will never fall asleep again because of button eye nightmares). I am always curious to see what new animated movies are on their way to our local megaplexes. And I usually have a gut feeling whether something is going to be good or just Madagascar.

This fall Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs is coming to you in 3-D. Take a peek:

Mmmmm Jell-o. My gut tells me this is going to be a good one. It also tells me to stop eating so many Girl Scout cookies. My gut never seems to shut up.

You are correct in thinking it's based on that Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs book from your childhood. I have personally heard from a source (yep, I have a source) who has seen early screenings of the movie and they tell me it is "hilarious" and "awesome." How can it not be with Mr. T in it? Now that's casting!

This is Sony Pictures Animation's third movie, the previous two being Open Season (Haven't seen it) and Surf's Up (Haven't seen it). But Sony Pictures Imageworks did make the Academy Award winning The ChubbChubbs! (Own it). Cloudy definitely looks like it's going to be the best of the bunch. I'll keep you updated.

Side Note: I'm guessing that the next animated film adaptation of a children's book will be Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day or Could Be Worse. Either way I hope they have Mr. T in them.

April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day!

It's April fools day y'all!

So for this prankiest of pranky days I give you random videos to mess with your head!

Cat Shit One: The Series. Seriously, don't make me explain this. It's Japanese... what else do you need to know? I do wonder what the title has to do with bunnies killing camels.

And here is a Star Wars/Dallas opening theme mash up. There are only a handful of people that would really get/enjoy this. This one's for you guys. For the rest of you this will make as much sense as another Cat Shit One trailer.

Here's N.A.S.A featuring Santigold, Kanye West & Lykke Li- "Gifted." Please, please do not take drugs before watching this video. Promise me.

Hope you enjoyed this special April Fool's posting. It's days like this when I realize how much I love you guys.