December 9, 2009

Movie Poster Review: TRON Legacy

Here's the new poster for Disney's Tron Legacy... And it lets you know everything you need to know about the movie: neon motorcycles. The producers know that the audience's favorite part of the first movie were the bikes that played like the old "Snakes" computer game. Just give the people what they want, crazy-ass bike chases with deadly walls of light.

They did not take this approach with the poster for the original movie:
This poster conveys the message that the movie is about people who worship a glowing Frisbee. This helps explain why it was a flop when it first came out. That and this guy:

You Can't defeat me, unless you are really good at "Breakout"

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  1. This is an "awesome" comment by proxy. It comes from jms, who is a Tron expert :)